Serene Katie (2018)

“Meditation (along with prayer for those who pray) is a critical part of turning inward and allowing communication with your Creator and your own heart. There are many ways one can meditate.  Here are a few of my favorites for Christians and non-Christians.”

Sacred Story Institute (I am currently going through the 40 weeks of Sacred Story Prayer and have obtained the Leaders information to hold groups in the future. Let me know if you are interested in participating in an online group. It is a wonderful program.

Lectio Divina (Contemplative prayer)

Homilies with Richard Rohr (Food for thought, to then meditate on, from the Founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation.)

Yoga Nidra (A state of consciousness between waking and sleeping)

Qigong (“combines slow graceful movements with mental concentration and breathing to increase and balance a person’s vital energy…”)

Prana Breath App (An amazing app that helps you learn and practice prana breath anywhere)

Native American Flute Sleep Music (Beautiful music for sleep.)

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (A simple 8 minute “May all beings everywhere be free and happy” mantra.) (See complete translation/definition here.)

Flute Meditation (Shastro Flute Meditation Music.)