T.S. “Tams” Nicholson

My name is TS Nicholson.  Friends know me as “Tams”.   I am a professional in the non-profit field with a passion for helping all life be joyous, free and find peace.  This site, along with Silent Communion, is the virtual side of over ten years of theological studies and my desire to live and model a compassionate life and lift all up; creatures, humans, and the earth.  

The video above entitled “Learning Statements of Love – Your Calling in Christian Discord” (with a transcript directly below the video) is my first recorded lecture of 2020, released March 2nd. It is meant to empower Christian Vegans facing discord with other Christians.
My delivery will be better in the future as I adjust to recording from this newest location.


LinkedIn Profile

Director, Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council from 2016 – Current

American Red Cross of Georgia from 2008 – 2016

Media Quotes or Mentions: 

September 2018:  Founding Intern William Allen – Forsyth County Herald

April 2016:  Four Overdoses in the Last 36 Hours – Fox5 Atlanta

February 2016:  Director Hired – Forsyth County Herald

PERSONAL Project Highlights:

My personal mission statement is simple: “To be a positive tool of our Creator’s love by modeling and demonstrating the absolute necessity of engaging in healthy loving-kindness, compassion, and reverence for all life; creature, human, earth.”

Ongoing Endeavors: 

  • Board Member of The Mary T and Frank L Hoffman Foundation / www.All-Creatures.org  
  • Founder of the Silent Communion Project (a work in progress),
  • Prayers for Animals and Animal Activists on FB,
  • Several manuscripts in various stages of development.
  • Student of the Father Richard Rohr’s Living School, 2022 Cohort. 
  • And now this … The Beloved Institute.  It will have very humble beginnings but is structured to slowly increase to help a larger and larger audience.  

“There is never enough time to do as much as I would prefer, but I can do all I can.”

Silent Communion, sponsored by All-Creatures, tabled at the 2016 Animal Rights Conference in LA and right next to Keegan Kuhn’s table for Cowspiracy.  Our table provided literature from Silent Communion, All-Creatures, and the Christian Vegetarian Association.   I was warmly received by all, interviewed for a documentary (The Prayer of Compassion), and even had fun speaking in front of the large main hall audience for 30 seconds one morning. 
I had the privilege of spending a day in New Mexico at the hermitage located of the Center of Action and Contemplation (CAC) and then had a private meeting with Father Richard Rohr and his beloved dog friend Venus (RIP) concerning my Silent Communion project in 2017.  It was a day of prayer and meditation that I will never forget.  It was also humbling to learn that Melinda Gates had just spent the day in the hermitage.  It seems that many famous people come there for prayer and meditation as well. 
It is such a joy to have met many like-minded compassionate peers and pioneers over the years including people like Lisa Kemmerer, professor, philosopher-activist, author, and amazing woman.   She has nine books and counting now.
The last ten years have brought us so many new and strong voices. It is always a delight to share a compassionate meal with other like-minded people who are making a difference in the world.  This was dinner with John Oberg, influencer for the animals, and Thomas Goodman, founder of Plant Dining Partnerships, in January 2020.

Another pic of our recent 2020 Duluth Ga dinner at VeGreens Restaurant.
Georgia is home to many wonderful sanctuaries and wonderful souls such as Carmen Cox Pop, Co-Founder and CFO of Farm of the Free Animal Sanctuary. There are always great cruelty-free meals to share and plenty of great restaurants. This was at Avocado Cafe in Alpharetta, Ga.
I’m so thankful to have amazing like-minded friends all over the U.S.   Wow!  How affirming is it to live in a world where the shift to compassion is slowly taking root.  There are tens of thousands of amazing and dedicated people working toward this change.  The numbers increase each year. 

Now, one last thing … I like to learn about and discern whom I allow to impact my thinking.  Do you?  If so, here information for your discernment about listening to me: 

“My desire is to help lift you up.”

My Mode of Operation:  Cruelty-free living coupled with loving-kindness and respect for all life along with the belief that we are each gifted in a way to help others and that all are meant to experience joy.

My Personal Worldview:  I believe that the complexities within the design of all life are more than accidental or derived solely from evolution and come from a source larger than we can understand: a creator who is filled with an abundance of loving-kindness toward all.   This creator’s love for all life can be witnessed through the innocence of children and the intelligence of creatures.  Humanity, it seems, is the one who sadly corrupts everything, but there is a shift occurring now that is moving us toward a more compassionate world.  This shift will happen slowly, with time and dedication, to usher in a new era of compassion and peace for all.

My Personal Practices:   My work keeps me in constant interactions with others, but my renewal comes from a simple personal life with creatures, lots of study, meditation, prayer, exercise, communications with religious leaders and servants, and solitude.  I live in the world, but not of it.  Although I am far from a hermitest (female hermit), I do favor the concept of attempting to keep myself in the mentality of residing as a semi-hermitest when I can outside of work hours.  Doing so allows me to draw close to my creator and stay focused on helping others, but there is always time for friends and beings in need.  Always.

Learning Experiences:   My early career was spent on a very successful upward mobile track within the corporate sector, in various positions and advancements, until a simple experience in the early 2000’s with a non-profit concerning humans with disabilities made me acutely aware of the need for educated advocates for those who could not speak for themselves.  My interaction with that non-profit was a powerful and moving experience that changed my heart and the course of all my future professional work.

I left the corporate world and dedicated myself to the nonprofit sector by starting from the bottom up within an international organization, living off of my savings, volunteering at several other non-profits, and returning to school to earn a degree in psychology/communications and going on to graduate studies.

In 2008, I found myself further stretched and refined as I became an ethical cruelty-free consumer/eater (vegan) and realized the duality of this world and illusion of  marketing concepts that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Having my eyes opened in this area, again, profoundly altered and defined my worldview.

Since 2016 I have been the Director of a Drug Prevention Coalition and, again, find myself growing and stretched within another social justice issue that is often surrounded in so much stigma, shame, and denial along with, again, the marketing tactics concerning the pharmaceutical industry.

There are common threads that run parallel in all social justice issues.   I will employ a variety of strategies, sharing my knowledge, concerning what may be helpful to you as a person or your organization.  There can be burn-out, frustration, depression, and feelings of being completely overwhelmed when trying to make a difference with these issues.  That is why it is so important to lift one another up and know techniques that keep staff and volunteers in your organizations healthy, functioning well, and free from discouragement.  

The Goal for You:   I simply hope to share something that might be an encouragement.  I will be sharing videos and materials and more.  You will see additional sections come to life as I try to figure out how I might be of help to others. This website is a labor of love.  If you find something that is helpful to you, please let me know so I can be aware of what is helping others and what is not.

Peace Be with You, Tams