The videos are coming very soon. We have years worth of work to pull from and a friend is going to help me sort through it all to pick the best. Some will be from a former private channel where I gave brief lectures about theology along with some of the old friendship meeting topics.

Theological Studies:

For those of you that aren’t aware, I do have a little experience in this area.

I was on a masters/Ph.D. track in Biblical Theology at Regent University in 2011 with a special focus in liberation theology. My specific focus in liberation theology was social justice concerning creatures and creation, but I have to work and my workload doubled as the Red Cross went through a series of restructuring processes in Georgia and throughout the United States. I couldn’t juggle both my workload and classes and my grades plummeted. I withdrew in 2012.

No sense in doing something half-assed that is so very important and costing me a fortune. I’m still paying on those student loans. Whew. It was a very hard decision, but my creator has a purpose for all we go through. There was a purpose for having to leave school and a big part of that purpose turned out to be having time to grieve with David as we sadly lost Elizabeth. Elizabeth was his partner. They were like two peas in a pod, always together, while Hannah was a friend to both.

I eventually participated in Loyola University’s LIMEX program at the University of Georgia’s Catholic Center focusing on ministry. I made it through several courses there before my work again shifted me into a farther drive into Atlanta and additional duties. All the odds kept stacking against my pursuit of continuing my education at that time. Things seemed to be stacking against David too as Hannah became unexpectedly sick, was diagnosed with cancer, and died within 18 months of Elizabeth. He had never been alone without one of them. And we had to move for my work. So again, I stopped my studies, but the combination of the two areas of focus softened me in a positive way. I no longer leaned toward dry academia. Watching us both grieve for Elizabeth and Hannah made me realize that stewards as well as creatures needed supports. I had found the heart and soul that was needed for future endeavours. I was finding me. It was both painful and revealing time that ultimately influenced my worldview, theology, and refined my future course of action concerning David and myself.

I’m no longer after a Ph.D. (although it would be nice someday), but still a life-long learner with alot of my old contacts from the Universities and access to several databases. Most recently, I’ve taken a step of faith and applied for Father Richard Rohr’s Living School. My references submitted their letters of recommendation and now it is just a matter of waiting. It is a two year personal refinement type of hybrid program where one works online and then attends some retreats in NM. The acceptance decisions will be made in the Spring of 2019. We will see what happens.

Give one of the videos a try if you want to hear a different type of theology.

Peace be with you, Tams